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Please note that RiSA and RiSA Anti-Piracy are currently experiencing an office-wide power outage due to cable theft – we apologise for the inconvenience and hope to imminently have the problem resolved.


Over 1500 Top 40 Links Reported

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For the period 20- 25June ’14, RiSA’s Anti-Piracy Unit has reported 1548 infringing Top 40 Single links for takedown. The week’s ten most infringed against artists are:

  1. MAGIC!
  2. Sam Smith
  3. Ariana Grande
  4. Nico & Vinz
  5. Maroon 5
  1. Jason Derulo
  2. Calvin Harris
  3. Ed Sheeran
  4. Kenny Chesney
  5. Pharrell Williams

RiSA’s Anti-Piracy Unit has, for the period 13 – 19 June ’14, reported exactly 6516 infringing links for takedown. The week’s ten most infringed against artists are:

  1. Ed Sheeran
  2. 5 Seconds of Summer
  3. Sam Smith
  4. Maroon 5
  5. Jason Derulo
  1. Pharrell Williams
  2. MKTO
  3. Justin Timberlake
  4. Katy Perry
  5. Michael Jackson

Kazimp3.co.za Shut Down

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Kasimp3.co.za, a locally operated music sharing site, has been shut down. At its height, the site boasted over 1.2 million downloads.

Artists infringed against included:


  • Gotye
  • Crazy White Boy
  • DJ Mphoza
  • Rihanna
  • Adele
  • Usher
  • Chris Brown
  • PSY
  • Far East Movement
  • Julian Gomez
  • Drake

The following page now greets visitors:


Mzansi-Music Taken Down

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Mzansi-music.co.za, an infringing site operated out of Durban and hosted by the ThePlanet.com Internet Services in Houston, TX has been taken down. Prior to being shut down, mzansi-music.co.za hosted a significant amount of local repertoire.


On Thursday, 21 of June 2012, at about 19:00 the Eshowe Crime Prevention Unit and Eshowe Crime Intelligence Unit members acted upon information and raided a residence in Eshowe – KZN. The owner of the residence, a 40 year old Congolese National in South Africa on asylum, was arrested.

The suspect is facing charges for contraveining the Copyright Act, 1978 (Act 98 of 1978), such charges flowing from the fact that he was found manufacturing, distributing and selling of infringing copies of records (music CD’s & DVD’s).

The goods found at the residence comprised of a desktop computer, scanner, printers and a tower disc duplicator and other equipment used in the illegal manufacturing of infringing music, and approximately 1000 copied discs valued at approximately R65000.

During interrogation the suspect indicated that he after manufacturing and selling the CD’s & DVD’s to street vendors who in turn resell it at major street intersections and at taxi ranks in the Eshowe area . 

Initial investigations indicate that the same suspect was previously arrested on the 21st of April this year on similar charges. The suspect will  appear in the Eshowe Magistrates court on 23rd of June 2012.

The Recording Industry of South Africa commends the members involved for their diligent work in curbing music piracy in KZN.




Notice to Jukebox Operators

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RiSA has agreed to amend the licence agreement, which dispensation should benefit jukebox operators. The new licensing dispensation will take effect from July 1st 2011 and will last for one year, i.e. for a trial period to expire on June 30th 2012.

RiSA will assess the performance of jukebox operators under the new dispensation in 2011/12 period and will then decide, in its sole discretion, whether to extend the new licensing dispensation, after June 30th 2012, or to revert to the licensing scheme currently in place. All current obligations stay in place until July 1st 2011.

Please note that the liability of the person/entity that has a jukebox in their tavern/pub/venue to pay a licence fee to SAMPRA for the performance in public of music sound recordings administered by SAMPRA, remains unchanged.

Notice dated: 20 June 2011

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Local Counterfeiter Raided

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The past week the RAPU embarked on an investigation pertaining to replicated compact discs, sold at R50 (three disc booklet),  in the Cyrildene area,Johannesburg. Information supplied indicated that the discs sold were counterfeit as  mastering SID codes on the discs have been obliterated.

On Wednesday, 30th of May 2012 RAPU in conjunction with the South African Police’s Child Protection Unit, Johannesburg Metro Police and the South African Revenue Services raided a shop in Cyrildene, Johannesburg. Numerous titles of international artists were found and removed.

Hengji Video Shop – Cyrildene, Johannesburg

Inside store

Hengji Video Store

Hengji Video Store


Examples of products removed.

Image of false IFPI mould & obliterated LBR SID codes

False mould & obliterated LBR SID code

Samples of the removed music titles will be sent to the IFPI for forensic trace analysis to determine the origin of the counterfeit products.

Other items found were detained by SARS and the owner was ordered to produce importation documents.


Playlistcentral.co.za Offline

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Playlistcentral.co.za, an locally-run unlicensed streaming service, has been taken offline. The site itself was physically hosted in the US by the ISP, Softlayer Tech Inc. The streaming server was, in turn, hosted by Hosting Solutions International Inc. At the height of its operation, the site featured 1286 artists, 2905 albums and 39 658 songs which equated to a total of 76.09 GB (or 1 182 hours) of music.



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“Bloutant Musiek” Taken Down

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The music sharing site, www.bloutant.hip.lt, run by a local group has successfully been taken down . The site originally listed numerous download links. The domain, bloutant.hip.lt, operated as a subdomain on the hip.lt network (the listed owner/registrar being a company called “Interneto vizija” – http://www.iv.lt/ – with its domain name servers hosted by the ISP, Penki Koninentai Ltd. in the city of Vilniaus, Lithuania).

The hip.lt server was, however, physically located in France and hosted by the ISP, OVH Systems (OVH SAS). The site’s file hosting server, s#.mywibes.com (with # being any number or character) was also hosted by OVH Systems, France.

RiSA worked closely with the SCPP (Société civile des Producteurs de Phonogrammes en France/Civil Society of Producers of Phonograms in France), with OVH Systems removing all infringing content.

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